Joining Senior School

Abbot’s Hill is an all-through school, providing consistent, high-quality education from the nursery to GCSE years. Most of our pupils continue their journey from Prep to Senior School, moving on with confidence in a familiar environment.

The final two years at Prep are seen as a period of preparation for the move to Senior School; the aim is for all pupils to enter Year 7 with confidence, well-equipped to embrace the opportunities and challenges of this next phase in their academic life. With a strong focus on teamwork, independence, friendship and kindness in Year 6, pupils take on increasing responsibilities and leadership roles, leaving Abbot’s Hill Prep School prepared, academically and emotionally, to take the next step of their educational journey.

The transition to Senior School begins in the Autumn term of Year 6. As an academically-inclusive school, all pupils are automatically entered for a Senior School place. Parents are invited to discuss the next stage in their daughter’s education with the Head, and informal pupil interviews take place ahead of the Spring term assessment. A Senior School taster day is also held, giving pupils a true insight into the senior environment.

Assessment for Senior School takes place early in the Spring term of Year 6. Both Prep pupils and external applicants sit the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Test. This is to ensure consistent assessment and competition for academic scholarships, and to help inform senior teaching. Senior School places are offered by mid-February.