Financial Assistance

Abbot’s Hill believes that every child should be given the opportunity to fulfill their potential, regardless of financial circumstances. We are able to offer a limited number of means-tested bursaries to support pupils joining us in Year 7, and will also consider financial assistance in exceptional circumstances for Prep School entrants.

Bursaries provide financial support with tuition fees, and are awarded on strong performance in our assessment process. Every award is based on the individual financial needs of the applicant, and handled in the strictest confidence. Whilst awards are normally tenable throughout a pupil’s time at the School, they are subject to good conduct and progress.

Financial hardship bursaries may be considered should parents’ financial circumstances temporarily worsen whilst a child is at the School. To provide a guideline: families whose net income after tax is in excess of £37,000 would normally be well outside the parameters set by the Bursary Committee.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply for financial assistance for 2022 – 2023 is Wednesday 1 December 2021.

To be considered for financial assistance, applications for entry to the School should already have been made by completing our registration form.

The application for financial assistance is made separately, directly to the Bursar by completing and submitting our Bursary Application Form [link to form if available electronically?]. Parents are also given the opportunity to discuss, in confidence, their situation and individual needs with the School Bursar. A home visit may be required in some circumstances. All bursary information is treated as highly confidential. Members of the teaching staff are unaware of which pupils have been awarded financial assistance. Any bursary offered to a pupil remains strictly confidential between the parents and the School.

To apply for bursary support, please contact the Bursar’s office on 01442 839107 or at for a Bursary Application Form.